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sâmbătă, 3 noiembrie 2012

Dj Hairless - Do what u like

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White Label – Sweet Alarma (LLP Remix)
Treitl Hammond – Do what you like (Dj Bigda & Dj Vladootzy Rmx)
Morandi – Angels (Dj Martynoff Mashup)
Modaal & Adam Reeves – La Negra (My Digital Enemy Remix)
Jam Xpress & Seany B – Everybody Get Up (Tradelove Remix)
Emil Lassaria & F Charm – Guantanamera (Felipe C Remix)
Felipe C – We No Speak Americano (Slyceration Mix)
Fly Project – Musica (Deepside Deejays Remix)
Allexinno & Starchild – Senorita (LLP Remix)
Antonia & Christopher S feat. Max Urban – Shake it Mama to Remember (Dj Bwa Mash-Up Mix Reworked)
Dj Zet – Billie Jean Reloaded (Tribute Rework)
Fly Project vs. The Palms and Stereo Palma – The Tasha (Dj MurY and Dj Vladootzy Bootleg)
Ciara vs Dani Masi & Dario – Like a Boy (Dj Bwa’s April MashUp)
Intensa Music feat. 50 Cent – Get Right In Da Club (Quino Garcia vs. Alvaro Guerra & Kilian Dominguez) 
Lil Bow Wow vs. Lookback – Bow Wow (Base Music & Dj Zarubin MashUp)
Nelly feat. Kelly – Dilemma (V.Reznikov & Denis First feat. Portnov Remix)
Lucky Man Project – Pumpin On ( Dj Bwa MashUp)
Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner (Bingo Players Bootleg)
Ricky L feat. MCK – Born Again 2012 (Dj TayNa & Chris Ferres Bootleg Mix)
Tom Novy – Your Body 2012 (Diabolik Booty Mix)

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