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sâmbătă, 3 mai 2014

Dj Hairless - Feed Me Beat's vol 13

Copyright Statement:  
All content is posted for promotional reasons and remains the property of the artists. I do not retain distribution rights. This track's is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).  
Steff da Campo - Keltic Non Stop (One & Shine vs. Dj Vianu Bootleg)  
Ismael Rodriguez - Moove Moove (David Iglesias & Jose Zarpi Remix)  
Mr. President & Juan Magan - Coco Jambo (Adriano Nunez Mashup 2014)  
Jason Derulo - Trumpets (Jose Zarpi Remix)  
Mastiksoul - Capotagem (Bwa Rework Remix)  
Spankers - Tomamos En La Playa (Jose Zarpi & David Iglesias Bootleg)  
Robbie Moroder Ft. Henry Mendez - Subete La Falda (Nev, Rajobos & Franxu Bootleg 2k14)  
David Romero & J. Beren - Blade and Grease (David Iglesias & Pablonez Bootleg)  
Mijail, Carlos Agraz & Massivedrum - Nocturnal Circus Crazy (David Iglesias Bootleg)  
Massivedrum, Mijail, Reke Pastor & Sito Lopez - Tribal Tung (David Iglesias Bootleg)  
Mastiksoul & Edgar Aguirre - I like to move it & Afro nuts (David Iglesias Bootleg)  
Edgar Aguirre Feat Andy Montañez - Se le Ve (David Iglesias & Reke Pastor Bootleg)  
Dr. Bellido Ft Kilian Dominguez - El Cepillo (David Iglesias & Jose Zarpi Bootleg Mix)  
R'Bros - Quem Bate (Radio Edit)  
Mastiksoul & Javi Torres - Big Time In Streap (David Iglesias Bootleg)

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